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Gift Ideas

A NUTTIN® is a handcrafted walnut shell figure, accessorized
and posed to make a truly unique personality gift.

Brighten someone's day
Put a smile on someone's face. Send friends, relatives,
and business associates a unique and personalized gift.
Each NUTTIN® is delivered in an attractive gift box.

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Dinner Party Place Settings
Have your dinner guests find their place at the table by looking
for their own "personalized" NUTTIN®.

All personalization is FREE of charge.
Personalize your NUTTIN® for anyone or any occasion.

Fun Awards
1st Place - Perfect 300 - New Retiree - #1 Coach, etc.

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The NUTTIN® Bud Vase
Create a NUTTIN® Bud Vase, or combine a NUTTIN® with any floral
arrangement or centerpiece.

Don't forget about Birthdays, Graduations, Mother's Day,
Valentine's Day, Secretary's Day, or just "Thinking of You"!

Here's what you need to do:
1. Order your NUTTIN®.
2. After you receive your NUTTIN®, visit your florist for a bud vase,
arrangement or centerpiece.
3. Insert a floral pick into the hole in the base of the NUTTIN®.
4. Add the NUTTIN® yourself, or ask your florist to add it
before delivery.

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We hope you enjoy visiting our website.
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